About Us

The First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable public organization that generates support and funding for Indigenous and First Nations artists, First Nations communities, First Nations cultural organizations, and First Nations educational organizations. We support grassroots efforts to revitalize the Indigenous arts, languages, culture and heritage unique to British Columbia, Canada.

The First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation (known as the Foundation) is an Indigenous led and directed, non-political, non-profit society devoted to the revitalization of First Nations languages, arts and cultures in British Columbia.

The Foundation’s structure and history have shaped its strong connections with grassroots language, arts and culture initiatives. Over its 20-year history, the Foundation has worked closely with the First Peoples’ Cultural Council to provide funding for projects and grants and has delivered millions of dollars for arts, language, culture and heritage initiatives.

One project of significance is the online language resource known as FirstVoices. The Foundation works in partnership with First Peoples’ Cultural Council to access funding to maintain and build new language documentation, archiving and revitalization tools on FirstVoices.com.

Communities in B.C. and across Canada use FirstVoices to record words, phrases, stories and songs in their languages. The FirstVoices website also includes games for children (visit FirstVoiceskids.com), teacher resources and a Language Tutor program to assist teachers, students and parents with language learning. Newly available are language apps on iTunes that assist First Nations in B.C. to connect with their languages no matter where they live.