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Strong language, arts and cultural heritage programming require time and money. For language learners and champions, artists and Knowledge Keepers, this work takes effort, determination and an emotional commitment.

On top of all the daily responsibilities of life, these dedicated individuals are not only fighting to learn their languages and practise their cultures but also to pass on what they are learning to the next generations. Many operate in an environment of scarce resources and support.

Much of the funding that Indigenous languages, arts and cultural heritage receive is short-term, prescribed by funder priorities, or too minimal to meet the needs of communities. Chronic and consistent underfunding and undervaluing of Indigenous languages, arts and cultural heritage has brought us to a point in history where it is crucial that our revitalization programming is continuous and well-funded. Our goal is to support the people who are working so hard to revitalize their languages, arts and cultural heritage by providing funding that is sustainable and accessible for years to come. Learn more about the impacts of our programs.