About Us
Who we are

About Us

First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation was established in 2000 to support the vitality of Indigenous languages, arts and cultural heritage in B.C. We are a registered charity that provides grant funding to Indigenous organizations and communities.

Our Vision

Indigenous languages, arts and cultural heritage are strong, supported and being passed on from generation to generation.

“Freedom to think like we’re supposed to think. Freedom to create like we are supposed to create. Freedom to create in our own minds and our hearts. It is not just the language but the arts. We call it QENDOLES, it is the vision. We want to give them that freedom to continue that from one generation to the next. Each one is connected to the land, the sky, the wind, the rain that falls on the ground. We are so close to nature, our way of living. We want our people to have that freedom wherever they are living, so they can pass it along to young people in a good way.”

J,SINTEN John Elliott
Elder and Knowledge Keeper (Tsartlip First Nation)

Our mission

Our mission is to provide funding and support for the vitality of Indigenous languages, arts and cultural heritage.

Our Values

As a foundation, our individual and collective values connect us to our sacred responsibilities. These values guide our work, and it is our role to uphold them in all that we do.

Indigenous-led: We are an Indigenous organization working with Indigenous people.

Knowledge: We draw on and share knowledge with communities and partners.

Resilience: We focus on and honour the strengths of Indigenous people.

Helping one another: We take care of each other through providing resources and funding.

Responsibility: We act with respect and thoughtfulness towards all living and nonliving relatives to do our work in a good way, as all things are connected.

Cultural continuity: We give thanks as we learn from past generations and share with future generations.