Mission Statement

Our mission

The mission of the First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation is to inspire and empower British Columbia First Nations to revitalize and enhance their languages, arts and cultures. Human and financial resources are urgently needed as we race against time to avoid the extinction of precious Indigenous knowledge, cultures and languages.


Our goals

  • Generate financial support and resources for language, art and cultural programs for British Columbia First Nations communities.
  • Create awareness of the rich and diverse languages of the First Nations of British Columbia; the wisdom, knowledge and culture they express, and their contribution to our collective heritage as British Columbians and Canadians.
  • Address social issues by recognizing that a strong cultural identity is fundamental to the health of individuals and communities.
  • Foster sense of commitment among philanthropic organizations to invest locally in British Columbia First Nations arts, languages and cultures.
  • Facilitate opportunities for First Nations individuals, groups and communities to direct and invest in the revitalization of traditional art forms and the preservation of First Nations languages and cultures.


Our constitution

The complete, consolidated constitution and bylaws, including all special resolutions filed with the Registrarand the Charities Directorate to and including June 2th, 2020.PDF